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Src Stick

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Fall steelhead will be winding down shortly so it's time to hit the beaches here soon.

Looking for a ~6wt, with saltwater safe components.

Let me know what you have, and a price. Thanks.
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I have a Scott S3S 9' 6wt in mint condition. Original sock is pristine. Generic cordura tube. $380

If you're interested, send me a personal message and we can connect regarding photos and/or a face to face meeting. I'm located in Seattle, WA.

Here's what fly-rod-review.com said about the S3S:

These are big game saltwater fly rods designed to generate high line speeds and toss big heavy flies and line in the toughest salty conditions. Fast action taper flexes smoothly along the entire rod. This is a great casting rod and would be a great addition to any fisherman's saltwater arsenal. Available in 6, 8, 10, and 15 weights. Comes in 4 piece models except for the 15 weight which is a 3 piece. Priced $625(15wt), $675 for the others.
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I have a Sage Z-Axis 697-4 in very good condition with tube & sock. Very saltwater compatible. All yours for $315. Local deal.
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