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State to Bristol - Feb. 21st

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Had another opportunity to fish with Yolanda from Bellevue Orvis - we got on the river just before 11, water temp 38* degrees. The log jam below State runs across the river - while only the first half of it is providing any structure, it isn't navigable. Had to get out and duck it under.

Sun was out all day, brought one nice cutt (wow, what a grand group of cutt's over the last few weeks!) to the net from deep in a shady pool. Nice hatch coming off today, but with those temps no rising fish.

The river warmed a bit around 2, then below the Teanaway, the game was over. Nothing for the rest of the trip - but Yolanda did hook into a fish right above the take out.

Smoked a cigar, grilled some sandwiches, solved all the world's problems. You should have been there. :thumb:

http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm251/RumpigCBR/State to Bristol/

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Thanks for the report Derek. Sounds like a great day.
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