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To those of you who are reading this, this is really only my two cents about the wild steehead argument going on in that post. So why, you ask, did I post separately; I wanted this to be read separately, not as the 18th post on an already argued subject, but as a new viewpoint. I am a 17 year old student in Seattle, for my generation, coming into the polluted and ravaged world we humans have created is saddening, but that still coulndnt prepare me for the upset stomach I would get when I read the messages on wild steelhead. The fact that out of ignorance, greed, and lack of care for what god made, humans have fought nature and polluted one of its purest forms, the steelhead, until it is no longer distinct from the man-made,is sickening to me. It is our duty as conservationists to fight this evil if you will, because as many of you know or can probably figure out, the steelhead is an indicator species, and if we let it go, we let every other species as well as what we stand for go with it. This is not meant as a mere complaint; alas it is meant as a call to action for all of you out there that care, to do your part as I do mine.
Thank you and may hope burn bright in your hearts,
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