Got some excess flies and boxes and miscellaneous. I'm looking to get rid of. Some flies have been used, some are new. I tossed any that were in bad shape. Prices are shipped in CONUS. $5 discount on each additional box after the first. Pictures are in order.

1) 80+ flies in a Plan D box. $55
2) 9 articulated in clear cheap box, $25
3) 20 articulated in Plan D box, $50
4) 50+ flies in a Cliff box $45
5) 30+ flies in a generic waterproof box $35

Misc lot 1: Some random tools, lanyard, etc. $30
Misc lot 2: Lots of tools, nippers, line cleaner, etc. $40

Ross BG-5 Spare Spool, great condition, no case $80

Abel Perfect Tool, little rust but functionally great $35 SOLD

More flies, 26 tactical Euro nymphs (barbless with tungsten beads) with Orvis box. $40

More than 110 flies in slim box. Nymphs and buzzers. I believe all are unused. $50 SOLD
Christmas ornament Purple Christmas tree Rectangle Tree
Rectangle Wood Textile Natural material Red
Rectangle Purple Wood Textile Communication Device
Creative arts Pink Wood Line Red
Purple Wood Violet Wall Paint
Brown Wood Font Bag Gas
Vision care Wood Tool Office supplies Eyewear
Wheel Automotive tire Wood Alloy wheel Rim
Brown Wood Ruler Font Rectangle
Cable Gadget Wood Gas Electrical wiring