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Hi everyone, This is the first chance I've had to try casting for steelhead this winter. Friday morning was spent at the Ben Howard boat launch on the Skykomish. If you were out you probably would agree the weather was perfect, river in great shape, not too crowded, but no fish. Even the boat guys were having a slow day as far as I could tell. I usually try to talk to others on the beach if they seem ameniable to conversation. It's helping me learn about this sport, and occasionally meet some really great people. Chilled to the bone, and weary of hypothermia (should read no heater in my van), I decided to scout the Sultan River.
Sunday I was on the bank of the Sultan when it got light out. Weather was perfect, river in great shape, not too crowded, you know the rest of the story. Actually, in talking to a nice couple that were plunking at the access off of Trout Farm Road, I heard stories of two to four hatchery fish taken each day Fri-Sunday. I liked the Sultan River. It's small, boats had to be pushed down over the tailouts to the next hole. And it seemed right for fly casting practice. Especially after the sun came up!
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I've always wanted to fly fish the Sultan And I plan to go there next week. I know of a couple of other places to access it from And I'm going to try it out. I like fishing smaller rivers. Like the Wallace,Sultan,Pilchuck And Pilchuck creek. And the upper N/fork of the Sky. Well enough for now. I could go on forever but some time I have to stop. Jim S. :THUMBSUP
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