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Dear Friends of Wild Steelhead


We would like to invite you all out to join us for a fun event on Thursday January 28, 2010 at 6:30 pm. The Wild Steelhead Coalition will be hosting its annual winter membership meeting at the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture NHS Hall and we hope you can all attend. Last year we had a great turn out and this year should be even better. The first hour will be a social time to hang out, swap steelhead tales with friends and enjoy some (FREE) food and drinks.

We will then be showing the new film by Jahtrout Productions titled, "Where Hope Resides." This film focuses on the many challenges facing the Skeena River System in B.C . It also displays many of the same issues Steelhead face here in the states and what are some actions we can take to do something about it.

Following the film there will be a raffle with some great items on display. We encourage you all to pass this info along to your friends and come support the WSC. This event is free of charge and we hope to generate some excitement for steelhed conservation. We look forward to seeing you at the event. Please click on the attachment for more info about the event.

WHERE HOPE RESIDES shows the many challenges this fragile ecosystem faces. From the different perspectives of the rivers inhabitants, to the ever present threat of resource exploitation.

A film that displays the struggle that we see so often in today's world. You'll find no easy answers here. But there is hope. Hope that together, we will recognize the importance of protecting the Skeena Watershed.


http://depts.washington.edu/urbhort/html/info/images/drivingdirectionsmappdf.pdf (Map to the Event)

Thank You,
Jim Schmitz

V.P. Membership
The Wild Steelhead Coalition

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So much for that idea. Got to pull a allnighter at work. Starting at 8:00 PM.
That's two years in a row that I haven't been able to attend do to work.
I think it's fate telling me to retire early.

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Thanks for a great evening Rich! I enjoyed the information. Of course the pizza and beer was a very pleasant surprise, I am glad I decided to eat after, and then didn't have too! Interesting how the same 4-5 guy group kept winning the raffle......smells a little fishy! No pun intended. It was great to meet Dylan (I think that was his name) who wrote a paper for WSC. I quoted his works in another paper I have written. Anyway, great event, and I am now becoming a member. I look forward to introducing myself to you in the future!
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