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Chris is in the process of setting up a page to display the patterns and tying instructions. I only received recipes from a few tyers, but there will be pictures for all 11 patterns submitted. Thanks to... Roper for taking the pictures, Crump for setting up the swap and Chris for giving us a place to display them. Great ties guys!


P.S. Nobody took credit for tying the White-winged Akroyd, Pink Shrimp or Crystal Leggo-My-Eggo patterns, so you can let Chris know if you would like your name next to your creation. Tying instructions should also be sent to him at this point.

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I sent the ackroyd. I ran out of blind eye hooks in the middle and the shop was having problems getting them, so a few received the blind eyed version and some received the regular.

Tag: flat silver tinsel

Tail: golden pheasant crest with tippet

Butt: black ostrich herl

Body: rear half; yellow-orange mohair dubbing or yarn with oval silver tinsel

front half; black silk with flat silver tinsel
black ostrich joint between the two

Body Hackle: yellow saddle over orange, black heron substitute over silk

Throat: teal with a pair of jungle cock feathers

Wing: cinnamon turkey or any white turkey substitute, set low, and apart. The cinnamon version is the original and the one I usually fish, but the white version is more common now due to the cost and scarcity of cinnamon turkey.

Hope I have not left anything out. Thanks everyone for the flys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing any steelhead fishing. Hopefully the next couple months will produce some fish.

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I was just about to ask what this whole fly swap page deal is all about and what it is, but if our Great Leader and Webmaster is hookin up a new page or whatever, I guess I wont need to ask what all this fly swap stuff is.

A LIMITLESS RESOURCE This site is. What a Great Thing!!!!!!!


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The page that'll I'll toss together is to show their flies they are generously providing to everyone with pictures and recipes.

Additionally, I'll be adding a picture uploader. It'll auto re-size pictures down and including thumbnails. Member included information along with the pictures, sorting of picture types (flies, fish, water, ect) will allow for it to be used as user controlled flies database.

Beyond that, it should assist with sorting of fish types for identification, pics of specific waters some may be interested in, ect... Each member will have their own area, have credit for each picture they upload, blah blah blah. Should be cool when it's finished, when ever that may be. :dunno
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