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I sent the ackroyd. I ran out of blind eye hooks in the middle and the shop was having problems getting them, so a few received the blind eyed version and some received the regular.

Tag: flat silver tinsel

Tail: golden pheasant crest with tippet

Butt: black ostrich herl

Body: rear half; yellow-orange mohair dubbing or yarn with oval silver tinsel

front half; black silk with flat silver tinsel
black ostrich joint between the two

Body Hackle: yellow saddle over orange, black heron substitute over silk

Throat: teal with a pair of jungle cock feathers

Wing: cinnamon turkey or any white turkey substitute, set low, and apart. The cinnamon version is the original and the one I usually fish, but the white version is more common now due to the cost and scarcity of cinnamon turkey.

Hope I have not left anything out. Thanks everyone for the flys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been doing any steelhead fishing. Hopefully the next couple months will produce some fish.
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