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i'm starting to deram about these fish. but after multiple trips to multiple rivers, watching the guy next to me pull fish out, i have yet to get one. at this point i would even take a little one. so, did anybody do any good on the n. fork of the stilly? if so, could i pry a little top secret info from you? flies, technique, any thing. i must have gone through 20 flies, a sink tip line, floating line, and a whole lot of head scratching. thanks! jer :DUNNO
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Put in your time and pay your dues. There's no magic formula to catching steelhead. At this time of the year it's probably best to fish the mornings and evenings or concentrate on the deeper holes but, of course, that doesn't mean you can't pick one up in the most unlikely of places. I remember hooking one upstream of Seapost (I know the current sign has it C-Post, but the old maps all labeled it Seapost) in water that couldn't have been more than two feet deep, at about noon, on a hot, bright day in July. Go figure!
I might be old---but I'm good.

Don't know if this will help but I talked to another fisher person at Hazel yesterday and he told me that they knocked um dead at Fortson. 13 Steelheads and one king. I was tired so I didn't ask on what. Was going to stop at C.Post but the road got the better of me. Boy,talk about a road needing some grading. One big pot hole. Jim
thanks fellas, is fortson the hole with the stone shelter? if so i was upstream a ways. oh, well i guess that is why they call it fishing and not catching :BIGSMILE jer
I might be old---but I'm good.

No,but I will give you some directions from where you were. This will probably bring the wrath of some people down on me but so many know about it it really don't matter.

From where you were is called Hazel. From there go up stream a few more miles. You will cross two bridges,the Bolder river and the French creek. After you cross the French creek one,be on the look out for a sign the says Wildlife viewing area. Turn to the left there and the road is blacktop. Stay on that road until it turns to a very bumpy dirt road. It is a short distance to a rough parking lot. Park there and head east across that small trestle. Follow the path a short distance and there will be some trails to the left. Take them and you are there. :pROFESSOR

I think it is best fished from the far side. You can cross at the tail out but be careful many people have gone down there. So If this helps--have fun. Jim :THUMBSUP
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The north fork below the Boulder River is colored right now so floating lines won't be as effective as sinking lines there. When fishing your sinking tip you should be ticking bottom now and then. If not, you're not getting it down enough which means you need to adjust your cast and mend more or go to a heavier line.
Old Man gave you good directions to Fortson. From his directions you can fish the drift below Fortson which is a productive spot. To get to the other side continue on Hwy 530 to Whitehorse. Turn left there (I think it's Swede Heaven road) and continue for a few miles. You'll then have to hang a left where there is a small shed on the right (at least that's what I can remember). Go to the end of the road to the gravel lot and follow the trail to the river. There's not much use in fishing above Fortson as that's the stopping point for hatchery fish.
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wow! thanks for the kind info. i hope i can repay the favors. jer
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