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The north fork below the Boulder River is colored right now so floating lines won't be as effective as sinking lines there. When fishing your sinking tip you should be ticking bottom now and then. If not, you're not getting it down enough which means you need to adjust your cast and mend more or go to a heavier line.
Old Man gave you good directions to Fortson. From his directions you can fish the drift below Fortson which is a productive spot. To get to the other side continue on Hwy 530 to Whitehorse. Turn left there (I think it's Swede Heaven road) and continue for a few miles. You'll then have to hang a left where there is a small shed on the right (at least that's what I can remember). Go to the end of the road to the gravel lot and follow the trail to the river. There's not much use in fishing above Fortson as that's the stopping point for hatchery fish.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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