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sticky steering wheel

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I have a fishing problem its offical. I had thought for a while that everything was ok. I kept telling myself one more cast its ok. Today confermed what I feard, I climbed into the truck and after the first turn my hands slipped off the wheel and I almost crashed. After further inspection I determened the grease to be fly flotant. Now fishing is starting to affect my life outside of fishing, my wife says Fa aka fishers annomous. I might have to resort to it. At least the dry fly fishing has been off the hook.
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That's BS, you don't have a problem. Tell your wife that boys will be boys. All boys have obsessions and addictions. Some have unhealthy addictions (booze, strip clubs, drugs, gambling, hookers, street racing, bungee jumping, etc.) while others have healthy addictions...like flyfishing.

Flyfishing is healthy because you get outside and get active, while generally staying clear of moral, health and financial hazards. (OK, maybe there is a financial hazard if you get hooked on high-end gear like $4,000 bamboo rods, but this is a corner case).

Anyway, let your wife choose which addiction she prefers you pursue. Give her a few choices. For example, let her choose between "Flyfishing or strip clubs?", "Flyfishing or poker tournaments?", etc.

BTW, I flyfished nearly every morning of my honeymoon in Bora Bora and Moorea for two weeks. I snuck out before my wife woke up. Now we have three young kids and sneaking off to fish is just not possible anymore.
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