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Stillwater Fish Food And Fly Patterns

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March 12 at L* lake I observed the samples in the following pictures
Interesting to see green worms as well as bloodworms.
A variety of pupa, some with red butt, others with red lines marking the segments.
Some emerger debris from mid afternoon.
A nymph in one picture.

food followed by my best fly pattern of the day.
"JDC: Jays Diamond Chironomid (red version)"
"black diamond" glass bead: silver lined square hole dark gray glass bead
red thread underbody
red wire
red flashabou or holographic tinsel around the body (optional, red thread is good enough I think)
silver holographic tinsel parallel to the hook placed on the back, wrapped under the red wire.
UV-cure coat of your choice
(I'm currently using Sally Hanson Salon Gel Polish step 3, a UV LED cure nail top coat, it goes on thin)


Eyelash Organism Orange Plant Paint
Arthropod Organism Insect Finger Pest
Hand Fluid Finger Frog Amphibian
White Body jewelry Product Natural material Creative arts
Body jewelry Natural material Creative arts Art Jewelry making
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Really like the tie and pictures of the real stuff. Daphnia stump me.
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