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Sunday morning as we walked into a famous run on the Stilly we noticed a young man hook into a fish. He looked like he was new to fly fishing and we commented to each other of how this might be his first steelhead on the fly. The young man seemed to be handling the fight quite well and was bringing the fish in a prompt manner without playing it for to long. We watched as we continued fish the lower run. To our horror we watched the young man back up and drag the fish onto the rocks. Here the fish flop around while the guy tried to get the fly loose. After around a minute or more the fly was out and the young man picked the fish up by the gills and returned it to the river. I doubt that this fish survived.

If you are this young man, congratulations on the fish. Now, will you please find someone with experience and knowledge of releasing fish and have them show you how to properly land and release a steelhead. I know you want to do the right thing by the fish.

If you are someone new to fly fishing for steelhead please find someone that has experience and ask them to show you the ropes.

Now, you guys out there that are going to say why didn't I tell this young angler how to release a fish. I started to but by the time I had my line reeled in and was heading up river he was already gone.
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