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Hey folks,

Had a bunch of gear stolen out of my truck in North Seattle. Figured I'd list it here just in case it all turns up in a weird place and folks think to look.

TFO Deer Creek Spey 13' 7/8 wt
Scott Tidal 9' 6 wt.
Sage Launch 9' 5wt (cork is a bit chewed up on bottom)
Echo Classic Spey 12'9" 7 wt
Greys GR50 9' 8wt
St. Croix 9' 7/8 wt

Lamson Guru 2 (tan colored SA line on it)
Lamson Konic 2.0 4 (with Switch Head and mono running line)
Nautilus FWX 7/8 (this one has my name on it, with blue Airflo Cold Salt Line)
Greys Reel
Old LL Bean Reel w/spool.

Variety of Skagit heads (2 or 3 Airflo, 2 Rio)
Airflo Scandi Head (480 I think)
Sink Tips of various sizes and brands (Rio and Airflo)

Patagonia River Salt Jacket

Patagonia Great Divider Gear Bag

Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Pack

K100 Raft Pump

There was a variety of other odds and ends as well, but these are the main things. Not holding out much hope of getting anything back, but figured I would try.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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