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Seeing how I live REALLY close to the ol' brown waters of the Nisqually, I drove out to the Tank Crossing last sunday afternoon. It was nice and sunny, with a light breeze. The waters were a bit high. ( NO I DIDNT FISH) I know its still closed.

Anyhow, as I was hoisting myself over the gate that blocks the road to walk out on the bridge and check out what was below, I saw the damndest thing. From a distance, it looked like cockroaches crawling all over the yellow gate. Upon closing the distance and looking closer.........they were Friggin Stone Flies, Size 10, black as black could be. There was a dozen or so on the gate. There was a massive caddis hatch coming off at the time as well. Saw a few stones in the air, but .......Hell, I couldnt beleive it.

First off, the water of the Nisqually is NASTY, but good for Chum Fixes. Everyone I talk to says that these west side rivers dont have the Lyme that is needed or whatever to support substantial aquatic insects, and therefor cannot support a normal old trout. What Gives? If there are blanket hatches of Caddis coming off in the evenings out there, with dag gone stone flies to boot.....who hired the biologists that say there are no bugs and these rivers are worthless except for anadromous fishes? I am just curious. I have seen trout live in nastier water than the Nisqually, back in Idaho, that sure as hell dont boast Stoners. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Tight Lines. J
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