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was it actually black, or very very dark green? what color were the spots? I'm tending to think brook trout, which is actually a char, an exotic species that is native to the eastern seaboard and the upper midwest. They can be grayish on their sides, and then very dark green on their backs in spawning colors, so maybe transitional one way or the other... Of course you may likely know what a brookie looks like and already ruled it out.

Bull Trout or Dolly Varden, both native char, can be kind of grey, and sometimes darkish on their backs, but with fairly gaudy spots of red and/or yellow.

Were its scales very fine like a trout, or a little rougher? If the scales were a little rougher and more distinct, it might have been some kind of whitefish, or I suppose even a grayling. I don't know if grayling are native to WA or not, but there are some in the Granite Lakes near Marblemount, so it's possible there's been at least a stocking history in high lakes. On the other hand, the very large dorsal on a grayling is pretty distinct; it would have been near impossible not to notice.
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