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A wee while back stonefish noted a new basket from Europe. My homemade washing tub split last yr after I tossed it onto the lawn from my car and this yrs resolution is to fish a lot more salt. So I bought one.

First thoughts, its from Latvia, sort of exotic(?) and a whisker under $80 all in, too exotic. I haven't fished with it yet but I like it. It's squishiy and molds to where ever you position it and it's light, not clunky. It is not one to be crushed up for too long, I got leery about a squish photo and they warn about keeping it squished for too long or exposing it to solvents so don't stash your crystal meth in it :eek: I dunno how Hello Kitty stickers would mess with it or even stick.

I suspect it would not last more a few of seasons of hard fishing, e.g. 3-4 x week as it seems quite soft but for an every so often angler it'll be just dandy. I've attached some pics and one of those votive candles for some size perspective.




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