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Sullivan Lake is so huge that it is hard to fish it with flies unless you troll the banks.

I have fished it a couple times as we have a cabin on Pend O'Reille and haven't had much luck at any point, neither did any of the other fly fishers that I saw out there. The thing is there are some giant fish, you can see one swim by every once in a while.

The bridge on the south end of the lake by the campsite is a good place to go. The lake goes off to a little stream and the browns are at the edge of that. I would try that with size 4-10 Olive/Black leeches with some flash in there. You can park on the road and walk down to the water. It isn't extremely deep there and you can cast form shore or wade.

Have not fished Mill pond, but it is on the list when I can get back over to that side of the state. Some other good places are the little Pend O'Reille chain. They are great if you have a tub or pontoon. Small lakes and besides the 3 big ones, rarely anyone on the water.

Another one that is said to have huge fish is Brown's lake. It is a 4 wheel drive only road that goes back about 3 miles. Extremely small with a lot of lilly pads and very little bank fishing. Pontoon or Tube, and you are set.
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