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My wife and I finally got out to our favorite nearish trout creek this afternoon. She also got to break in her new Cabelas 3wt glass. We decided to pick a new spot that we hadn't been to before and I'm glad we did. We found lots of great holding water that was in fact holding fish. We came upon lots of log jams and trees growing over the water's edge. Really fishy stuff.

Wife started outfishing me from the get go, but that's nothing new. I was getting lots of rises, but couldn't seem to hook up. At some point she started talking trash. "What are you, stupid? Catch the damn fish already!" No sooner did she let loose with the jab, I hooked into the biggest fish of the day. Maybe the biggest fish I have landed on this particular body of water. I know there must be bigger fish to be found, but I'd rather toss fuzzy dry flies around with my 2wt than dredge the deep holes with heavy nymphs or streamers. That's not what this place is about.

Sorry for the out-of-focusness. Apparently my wife has installed the GlamourShots photo filter on her phone.

There were lots of spots with tight quarters. My bow and arrow cast game was on point. A few fish came out to play from under this willow tree.

We managed a few hours of scrambling around in the sunshine, a great way to recharge the batteries with my favorite fishing partner.

It took a bit to get used to the little fiberglass rod, but she loves her new CGR by the way. This place is exactly why I bought it for her.
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