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Great idea TJ.
Something to do with all those random sunrise and sunset pictures taken from here on the "homestead".

Sunrise- cool clouds dropping drifting ice crystals in full sun at altitude, before sun breaks our horizon.

Sunset- energetic clouds caught by grazing sunset light

no enhancements, straight out of the camera and reduced in file size for posting.


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The pictures in this thread are wonderful and led me to look for some sunset/sunrise pictures from my collection. But I realized that my best are not from the PNW. Well, Kenneth broke the ice with his great pictures of Vatican City. So, I will contribute some of mine.
First up, two shots of a blazing sunset through thunderstorms in the wilds of Cambodia; the bus that we were traveling in broke down on the rough road and we were waiting four hours for a replacement from Phnom Penh.
Next up, two shots of blazing sunsets over the Indian Ocean from Exmouth on the northern coast of Western Australia.
Atmosphere Sky Ecoregion Cloud Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Natural landscape Afterglow

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Daytime Ecoregion

Cloud Sky Atmosphere Amber Afterglow
1 - 20 of 272 Posts