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Made reservations in December to spend a week in the Cali desert hiking and birding, not knowing that all the moisture to come would produce an orgy of flora. By the time we got there, the weekend crowds of 40,000+ had somewhat abated, although it was still a hell of a lot busier than we've ever seen it. Even so, it was easy enough to find trails we had pretty much to ourselves, and the Swainson migration was in full swing (just missed the Big Day - 3700 sighted in one morning, but still saw plenty of hawks).

Nice morning

A little bit of weather to the west, although this storm never made it to the valley

Birds eye view of Borrego Springs (our campground is in the lower left end of town)

what the fuss is all about

These guys (sphinx moth) were digging the bloom

City of New Orleans

doing donuts

Swainson liftoff

reserved seating is available

cactus blossoms and assorted stuff along the trail

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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