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Surprise Fish

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And it's not this one...

I stayed out on the banks for a couple nights and got one really great day of fishing in this weekend. This was my biggest fish of that day and what I thought would be the best.

Out of the same seam as the fish above came several other smaller cutts. The identical sequence happened several times. Something big moved or missed, followed by hooking up with a little guy. I was really just trying to get these smaller fish in and off. Eventually one of those bigger guys hooked on.

Yet, it was the cutt after the one pictured above that was my best of the day. This little 9 incher absolutely annihalated my fly. It went soaring on the strike. I was initially surprised and then somewhat annoyed that it was another dink.


That dink went crazy. It left the water 5 or 6 times. It was possessed. It fought better than any other fish that day. My annoyance for it was short lived. I found myself laughing out loud. Maybe even a little concerned it might break me off.

Just goes to show you never know what might happen on any given fish.

I certainly didn't expect this little guy to give me the highlight of the day. He even flipped himself out of the net and took off without my help.
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I've always found that it's the quality of the fish that matters most. I've never been concerned with numbers or size - a 10 inch trout that give me a good run and makes my day is worth more to me that a 20 inch cutthroat that just comes to hand easily. Don't get me wrong - I'd still take a picture, but I'm out there trying to make memories. Nice fish by the way.
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