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Switch Rod and Reel size advice... uh, please.

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I am just getting back into fly fishing after several years. I now live near the Skagit and am new to steelheading and two handers.

If I enjoy steelhead and two handers, I'll get a true spey rod in the near future. But right now, I have a friend back East who is getting rid of several Redington rods, and he is trading me my size choice in a CPX switch rod. I need to decide what size to take off his hands. Should I go with the 11'3" 7 weight or 8 weight?

Also, I found a good price on a Hardy Uniqua Reel, but I don't which size to buy:
No. 4 WF11 WF11 + 109yd (100m) 3.87"
No. 5 WF12 WF12 + 202yd (185m) 4.12"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I think James' advice is right on the money.
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