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Switch Rod and Reel size advice... uh, please.

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I am just getting back into fly fishing after several years. I now live near the Skagit and am new to steelheading and two handers.

If I enjoy steelhead and two handers, I'll get a true spey rod in the near future. But right now, I have a friend back East who is getting rid of several Redington rods, and he is trading me my size choice in a CPX switch rod. I need to decide what size to take off his hands. Should I go with the 11'3" 7 weight or 8 weight?

Also, I found a good price on a Hardy Uniqua Reel, but I don't which size to buy:
No. 4 WF11 WF11 + 109yd (100m) 3.87"
No. 5 WF12 WF12 + 202yd (185m) 4.12"

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Since winter is around the corner and those are the options, I'd lean toward the 8wt switch, with the larger reel to insure you get the extra backing needed and the appropriate compact skagit head and running line to fit. Would also transition nicely into a summer rod, so a good choice, given the options, for a first and only rod.
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