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Take Care Of Your Sh!t

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After 2 seasons of use I wanted to report my findings using Kiwi Leather Lotion for treating the leather on my wading boots. Over just a couple trips your leather boots take a massive punishment. My old man always told me, if you take care of your shit, your shit will take care of you. After every couple trips I like to clean the sand and grit off my boots and treat them with this https://www.amazon.com/Kiwi-Leather-Lotion-Fl-Oz/dp/B00N9CE98K.

After rubbing a little of this stuff on your boots transforms from hard clod hoppers to soft supple foot wear that reminds you of a well broken in baseball glove. Keeping your leather nourished will extend the life of your boots ten fold. I wonder if shoe repair guys can re-sole boots after they are worn out. Would be cool to turn these vibram boots into felts one day.

Call me OCD. I do not have a ton of money, and fly fishing stuff is not cheap. I enjoy taking care of my things.
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Glue some felt on them yourself. It's easy. I guess unless you've worn totally through the bottoms.
Do a search on sole replacement. There is a ton of info here.
Shoe repair shop? I know it is too far but these guys could help you and they're great: http://americanshoeshopinc.com/
I'd suggest following the conditioner with something water resistant. Neetsfoot oil or mink oil.
Agree. Back in my Alaska days, I learned from and old logger to treat the leather uppers and all seams on my snow boots by melting bees wax into them at the beginning of every season. I still do that today, religiously.
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