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Thank you for your comments.

Original dressing is as follows:-

Hook: Partridge L3A, 14 & 16
Silk: Black
Body: Black
Rib: Fine wire silver
Wing: Well marked Teal
Hackle: Black Hen

The original has the wing tied low over the back and has a sparser hackle and is thus known as "Clydestyle" - Trad Scottish wet!

I tied mine on a knapek hook size 16# , gave it a bushier hackle and a spritely wing tied with Gordon Griffiths "Sheer" wine coloured 14/0thread.

Thanks again to everyone for viewing.

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Thanks for the recipe. I'm a fan of Clyde style flies, but I really like the look of your dressing. I'll have to add a few of each to my box.

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