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A Trude for the Smokies. Go Vols; I get the orange but the green is a mystery.

hook - Dai Riki 320 #12
thread - Danville 6/0 chartreuse
tail - golden pheasant tippets
body - peacock herl/Uni-stretch green
wing - deer hair
overwing - Para-post hot orange
hackle - brown

mash barb, start thread at 2/3 mark, wrap to bend

prep gp, measure (gap width past bend), tie in

tie in peacock; wrap to point, tie off/trim

tie in Uni-stretch; wrap band (same width as peacock), tie off/trim

tie in some more peacock; wrap to 2/3 mark, tie off/trim

clean, stack, measure (tips not quite to tail) a clump of deer hair; tie in/trim

tie in overwing

tie in hackle

wrap hackle, tie off/trim, half hitch x 2, SHHAN

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