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Tennis (elbow), Anyone?

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I overdid it blind casting my 9wt all day for an entire week and ended up with a gnarly forearm strain. It's been a couple months since then and every time I think it's healed, I reaggravate it - either while casting or playing tennis. Has anyone dealt with a similar injury? Any suggestions?
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Look for a "Tennis Elbow" brace. They fit, and apply pressue just below the elbow. Wear them all the time until things get better.
Years ago, no, maybe a couple of decades ago I had tennis elbow and golfers elbow on my right arm (I'm right handed) from working on the bottom of my boat (36' sailboat needs new bottom paint every 3-4 years), sanding, scraping. I wore a tennis elbow, and a golfers elbow brace for several weeks. I was still working at the time.
I have found the forearm band reduces the pain, not so sure that it promotes speeding up the healing process .
I have battled tennis elbow off and on for years and I would say yes, it can speed up the healing process. The band helps by moving the strain away from the attachment point. At a minimum it will allow some slightly more normal activities while healing occurs. When it's so bad you get a shooting pain from picking up a coffee cup or opening a doorknob, the band may definitely help getting past that in my experience. Every one of those 'pains' is a potentially reaggravating injury.

Now I've got a nagging pronator strain in my left arm that is proving to be a real bear.
Since I Switched my father from my beloved Redington NTi to a Loop Yellow Line he can now fish again!

3h with the Redington NTi meant he’d be not fishing for 3months, with the yellow line he fishes all day and can do it again the next one!

anodd rod for sure but a true catapult with no effort required whatsoever from the caster
41 - 43 of 43 Posts