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TFO 10' 5 wt questions

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Who has tried the TFO Lefty Kreh Proffesionl 10', 5 wt (TFO 05 10)?

I'm thinking of getting one for fishing chironomids, 20' plus level leaders, 2 flies and bobber. I've heard it's got a very soft tip, will throw a lot of junk when you want, but may not be very adaptable to other types of fly fishing, especially if you want to throw a tight loop.

Also what line would you recommend for this setup?

Thanks in advance
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10' 6wt echo ion with an airflo supple flex is my reccomendation
I've got the 6-weight Teeny rod. It is a cannon and works great with an SA Streamer Express---but that's not what you want to know. I also have the other 10-6 TFO rod, and that's what I would choose for your application. I've not cast the 10-5, so I really can't help much.
I have one, it throws more like a 6wt so I am currently using a 6wt GPX on it which matches up just about right. Good rod and it will through a bunch of nymph/chronamid gear just fine.
they work. i have two of them and fish everything from streamers to big hoppers to bobber rigs with lots of weight. they are a great stick for how cheap they are to both the pubic and on pro forms. i fished this rod the majority of the time this summer and loved it. the echo or the tfo will treat you great. it will handle whatever you throw at it.

both of these fish were caught on the 10-5 on the same day tossing a hopper/chubby chernobyl combo.

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