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Tfo Bvk 796-4 9'6" 7 Weight Rod

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This rod is in new condition, used one day. Comes with rod sock and warranty card. $210.00 includes shipping CONUS and PayPal fee.

New TFO Rod tube for this rod. $30.00 new, sell$20.00


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Please note that the rod tube is for sale with the rod and not separately.
Now I'm more confused than before. Ad says "comes with rod sock" Then "rod tube for this rod, sell $20. Then tube is not sold separately. So, to buy this rod is actually $230? or $210? Not trying to be a dick, but am in the market for a #7.

All TFO rods come from the factory without a rod tube. They come in a rod sock and that is in a plastic bag.
TFO does offer various rod tubes that are sold as accessories and they are extra cost.
The rod is for sale for $210.00 ($299.00 new)
The rod tube that I purchased separately is for sale for $20.00. It costs $30.00 new.
So I'm sell the rod by itself for $210.00 and if the buyer wants the optional tube then it would be $ 230.00 total.
I cannot sell the tube by itself because the shipping cost is too high.

Hope that helps. Sorry for the confusion.
Price on the rod reduced to $200.00 shipped.
Rod and tube have been sold.
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