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Tfo Bvk Vs Ticrx Vs Clouser

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Can anybody give me input on these rods?

I am looking for a 6wt with a fighting butt that can cast heavy flies like dolly llamas with a 10ft sink tip...and be able to make a 60ft cast if needed with that setup. I also want to be able to make a 30ft cast easily with this rod and heavy sink tip/rabbit on a hook.

Also would use it in the salt for pinks and searruns. So being able to get alot of distance is important too.

From what I've gathered the TiCRX is faster action and stiffer but some people say the BVK can cast distance easier?

I'm not very familiar with how the action of a rod affects distance. ...the TiCRX and BVK are listed as fast action and distance, but Clouser says nothing about distance.

Any input is appreciated!

Also looking to buy one of these....if anybody has one and input!
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A flyline loop is a projectile. Fast rods can cast tighter loops, which are more streamlined projectiles. In bullets, the difference in bullet shapes: pointed vs. round- or flat nose, are quantified as ballistic coefficients. So tight loops go farther, faster. The difference isn't huge, perhaps 5-10 per cent. And for fly casters who don't know how to cast tight loops using their skills, a faster rod is no advantage.
The BVK and TiCRX are both fine options. The former will have a bit more finesse while the latter will have more overall power. I'd probably lean toward the TiCRX if you're thinking sink tips and big streamers, BVK if you want a "do everything" type of rod. Try to cast both if you can. Both are capable of what you want. I haven't heard much on the Clouser.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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