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Tfo Clouser Vs Echo Two Handed Glass

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Trying to pick a beach rod....

Two handed is nice.

But, I huck larger flies, 1/0 clousers in herring patterns aren't uncommon, my 6wt reddington works when its calm and I'm tossing lighter flies but.....

I need something substantial to cut through wind with heavy flies

My two pics for rods are the TFO Clouser, or the echo two handed glass both 8wt

Any opinion on my selection?

Any recommendations?
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Seems like two rods on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I throw huge flies for coho and don't even mess around trying to do it with anything less than a fast action 8 wt.

Out of those two rods I'd personally go with the TFO but that's mainly because I'm just not too interested in going down the two handed road on the beach. Tried it years ago and didn't much care for it.

They certainly get the job done, and shine in certain situations, just prefer the single hander myself.
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I beach fish with switch rods, overhead head cast only. That being said, the two rod you've listed are good rods while I have never fished either of them. I'm not sure what you fishing for with a 1/0 Clouser? I have a 6wt 11ft Loop, a 7wt 11ft sage and a 10' 8" Baston 8wt. If your in the Norther Kiptsap area your welcome to give these a try.
We have a BEACH rod at Echo specifically designed for this. The glass rod definitely is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
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Evan, I've been looking at the Echo Beach myself I had a SR 7wt switch which I think was 10' 10" I was not happy with the overhead cast power of this rod. I was using my stander rule of thumb. That being the head length of head should equal to about 3 X the length of the rod, and the head weigh should be two rod weigh heavier. I'm very interned how a 8wt Echo Beach is going to handle a standard 8wt Rio outbound. Which as you know is 330 grains 30 grains over the 300 grains that the 8wt Echo Beach is design for. I had a problem with my SR 7wt and Echo jumped through hoops to make it right.
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