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Thank God Steelhead aren't in Demand as Sushi

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No wonder Giant Bluefins have disappeared....


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i can't believe harvest of bluefin is even allowed
513 lbs isn't even that 'large' for a bluefin , well historically speaking. I vaguely remember the line caught record being ~1000 lbs. It's really tragic to see such a huge fish be taken out of existence. i hadn't thought a tanking global economy could have some good side effects. Maybe this too will make the Chinese calm down a bit on the shark's fin soup front, apparently they're getting a bit of a serious doing too.

Yeah, there was a Nat Geo article on the bluefin situation a while back that made me change my sushi eating habits. Very depressing.

This is an instance of commercial fishing (and the demand for the product) absolutely devastating a species.
This is an instance of commercial fishing (and the demand for the product) absolutely devastating a species.
Aren't they all...?
Aren't they all...?
I see what you are saying. But I think that the steelhead issue is less of a "commercial fishing" issue. Sportfishing, habitat destruction, logging, dams, etc. Sure there are tribal commercial fisheries for steelhead (sort of). But it's not really the same thing as bluefin or even salmon.

But I'm no expert.
I'm no expert either but I found it pretty interesting that after a great float with Jim Kerr last week on the OP, we happend to chat with a tribal fisherman who said he got 150 steelhead in 3 days with his modest net. He was probably one of 20-30 or more with a similar set up of a small boat or two. Can someone with better knowledge (Jim or Braz if you're out there...) please educate me and others on the potential numbers of nets out there at any given time targeting steelhead??? I think most of us reading this thread can appreciate the positives of retaining hatchery fish and are also aware that those runs usually overlap with the wild fish. I'd be interested to see numbers (should they exist) on the impact of (sort of ) commercial fisheries on our State Fish the Steelhead vs. Salmon and Bluefin just for fun. My money would be on the Salmon but our Steelhead might give em a run for their money if anyone could determine a population of either... Not bashin....just curious!

Lot's of wild steelhead at the Pike Place market already I hear.

Like I said, I'm no expert and appreciate / welcome anyone's qualified expertise.

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"Song for a Blue Ocean" is an excellent book that's easy to read and has sections on both salmon and bluefin. Very informative. Probably available at your local library.
If you're interested in the history of sushi and how global markets work within this industry...and specifically the effects on bluefin, read THE SUSHI ECONOMY: GLOBALIZATION AND THE MAKING OF A MODERN DELICACY by Sasha Issenberg....
"...growing calls for tighter fishing rules amid declining tuna stocks."

These fish populations have been KNOWINGLY been mismanaged for decades.

you are all invited to WS to enjoy the finest in sustainable sushi. This owner/chef is a local treasure and has the potential for making a big difference.
I'm doing my part... don't eat sushi and very little tuna.
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