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Thanks Arron & Cliff!

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I attended my first Saturday at Arron's spey casting clinic... Arron didn't say it, but I think my case is terminal! Things did start to improve after he began talking about scantily clad women standing behind my left shoulder, at least in my head, not sure about the casting results. Both he and Cliff were of great help and I really appreciate their time -- it's very obvious these two have an inate passion for this art from. Watching Cliff launch 100' of line with a rod that looked to be 15' long...pretty amazing.

I met Jason and his son, who by the way, was handling his spey rod quite well considering it is 4x his length. It's great seeing youngsters involved with healthy outdoor sports instead of becoming drones to electronic gadgetry -- good show Jason!

Just prior to departing, I had a nice chat with Bob (recent transplant from NY) and his new found passion for swtich rods. Sounds like he and his wife will be regulars on the western rivers circuit.

Anyone wanting to spend a casual Saturday morning shooting some string, getting some tips from the experts and meeting some new folks with similar interests, head on down to Fall City.

Thanks Arron & Cliff, I'll try and get some practice in bewteen now and my next visit to cut down on your workload :cool:
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Good meeting you! Let me know if you head up there again.
Aaron Is an OK guy. When you get to know him he will just about give you the shirt off his back to fish with. He's top notch in My book.
Aaron is a great guy with compassion for others and a love for what he does and wanting others to enjoy with him the art of casting. I think everyone who gets to know him be comes a better perxon because of it.
Aaron has done a heck of a lot for spey newbies

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