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For those thinking about the Sandy Clave:

Scott O'Donnell, Ed Ward, and Mike McCune showed up in the Great Lakes.

A clave on the Salmon in NY and Muskegon in MI went off great-- with awesome discussion, casting, FOOD.
And to make the scene like home to us midwesterners, a nice 35 mph wind and sideways rain and sleet made all feel like it was spring steelheading again.

Spoiler: They went over "cast killers" which showed what NOT to do; and what will happen if you do.
Also discussed fishing at different heights (from a boat vs. deep wading) and how to adjust. Great Q&A session, too!!!
This was not a 101 level discussion, either.

they also offered a A private lesson later.

They are very good teachers and communicators, which is much more than just a good caster or angler. Its tough to find that combo.

My casting crashed to ground zero from so little practice--I was at first embarassed to be in the water!
After about 5 mintues with each, I was right back in the game, Delighted.

If you are thinking about checking them out, ----- GO.
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