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Couldn't help myself. I had to go back for one more trip. Had a few follows in the first place I stopped. No takers.

I arrived at my second spot. A slight breeze was blowing and allowed me to drift and cast. I have really come enjoy fishing this way. Had to back away from the shoreline a few times. Passed over a few of the bruisers while drifting.

I am still amazed at the locations they choose to set up. Some locations seem pretty obvious, other locations are right out in the open. Spot and cast. Not bad.

It was an overcast morning so the dark colored fly was difficult to see at times. At one point I glanced away from the fly. I am learning, the hard way as usual, that is a really bad thing to do. I looked back to where the fly was and could not see it. About he same time my rod was jolted. Hook set and the fight was on.

The fish was nice enough to run some of the loose line out so I didn't have to reel in the slack on floor. Off into the weeds he went. At one point I thought the fish had gone under a log or other obstruction. No, just really heavy weeds. My line was off to the right and the fish appeared to my left. I got a good look and a really large white mouth and flaring gills. I may have a few nightmares about that. A small dog could have gotten lost in there.

A short time later the brute was in the net. I looked at the top of the fishes head and could see my hook point. That was a solid hook set. The bite leader had wrapped around the outer mandible on the other side. I was not looking forward to removing the hook. A quick head shake from the brute and my 25 lb mono was gone. WOW! A very short time later the hook popped out and the fish was revived and swam away. I guessed the brute was around 36 - 40 inches. Definitely my biggest so far.

What an amazing fish. They have incredible power and the speed they can move is unbelievable. I can't wait for next week. Time to tie some more flies. Bucktail does not hold up well those teeth.

Tight lines.


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