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Hi everyone,

Not only am I new to fly fishing and this site,
I'am new to forums.So please bare with me.
As you know my name is Ted.I live in Gig Harbor,
I have a wife and two girls, I work a wered 12hr rotating
schedule.This means that I have time off during the week and
everyother weekend.First of all this poses a problem during
the week for going fishing at all.I have to stay close so I
can pick up the kids after school and I cant't launch my
boat by my self.I want to find a nice river to fish,that I
don't have to dive two hours to get to.
Next I would like advise on what fly's are a must have
in my box, tapered leader or tippet. Just basic info for a
:CONFUSED thanks for your help,Ted

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Welcome, Ted. I don't know of much on your side of the "bridge" for moving water. You could try the upper Nisqually for trout, although I have found access to be difficult - maybe I'm not looking in the right places. You could also try the Deschutes through Olympia, Yelm, etc. There is a nice fly shop in Tumwater you might want to check out.

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Would you be the firefighter with the German Shepherd I met in the parking lot at Doc's last Thursday morning? Like PeteM asked: "...What type of fish are you wanting to target? Also, are you wanting to stick to rivers or lakes and salt as well?"

If you are looking for rivers within an hour's drive, you're probably going to be restricted to the Deschutes, Lower Nisqually, Lower Puyallup or the Green around Auburn.

There are several lakes on the Kitsap Peninsula that offer some flyfishing opportunities and remain within an hour's drive. Mostly around Bremerton, they are Kitsap, Wildcat, Mission and Panther. Closer to home, there is Long Lake near Bethel. Crescent Lake in Gig Harbor is close and is great for casting practice. Horseshoe Lake in Wauna is nearby, but access is pretty limited and fish somewhat rare after the stockers go. Not sure about Bay Lake on the Key Peninsula near Lakebay; never tried it and never talked to anyone who has.

Many of us who live in Gig Harbor flyfish the salt because, well, quite frankly, we're surrounded by salt water. Places I routinely fish from shore are no more than 10 minutes from my door. Bummer Pierce County recently gave away the access to Lighthouse Beach...might change, though. If you're interested in fishing the salt, I might be able to help you get started on the right foot - let me know via private email

Not sure what kind or how big your boat is that you have trouble launching by yourself but if its something you can use in the salt, your opportunities to fish close to home just increased about ten-fold. I normally launch my 17ft Boston Whaler by myself from one of the launches around the Harbor: Randall Dr., 10th St., Fox Island Bridge, Horsehead Bay or Vaughn. These launches will put you onto Cutts, Silvers and Blackmouth in short order for most of the year.

Welcome to a great website.

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