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April 12, 2018

The Skagit and Sauk Rivers will open to catch and release fishing for steelhead

Effective dates: April 14-15, 18-22, and 25-29

Species affected: All gamefish

Location: Skagit River, from The Dalles Bridge in the town of Concrete to the Cascade River Road Bridge in Marblemount. Sauk River, from the mouth to the Sauk Prairie Road Bridge in Darrington

Rules and Regulations: All species, catch and release only, except up to two hatchery steelhead may be retained, and no limit on Atlantic Salmon. Selective Gear Rules. On the Skagit River, fishing from a boat that is under power is prohibited. On the Sauk River, fishing from a boat equipped with an internal combustion motor is prohibited.

Reasons for action: The Skagit River Steelhead Fishery Resource Management Plan has received formal Federal approval allowing the fishery to proceed.

Other information: The fishery will be actively monitored and may close earlier if the total encounters agreed to are reached. Anglers are asked to cooperate with creel personnel collecting catch information.

Information Contact: Mill Creek Regional Office, 425 775-1311

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If you want solitude the Skagit/Sauk during steelhead season isn't a place you would go. Never has been, never will be.
I don't believe you, so I'm going to continue to recommend seeking solitude to all who seek it.

That said, I'll be slaying steelhead in neither Forks nor Skagit County this weekend. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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That's pretty much in line with what WDFW hinted at in the last meeting.
Sedro or Mill Creek? I remember it being brought up as a staffing issue for WDFW but not NOAA. It seems like NOAA has been the one not moving forward. I'm sure WDFW will get the blame anyhow but I think it's really a NOAA issue.

Moving forward, I'm the guy who casts poorly in an olive Loreto Mexico hat. Say hi if you see me.

Go Sox,
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