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Welcome. The Stilly is my favorite. My wife and I fish it often. The water is low low low. I talked to a couple of buddies getting ready to float 127th down to Haller Park (where the North and South come together), and they said Fortson was empty of water, anglers, and fish. I fished 127th and then had to see for myself... drove to Fortson for the first time this season and found out the hard way what they said was "true", but opted to stay and enjoy it all to myself. They are coming...
I was successful below Hazel on the 3rd. Two hook ups and play fight with ldr, but still fun. C-Post, now marked along HWY 530 has plenty of room up and down if you are willing to walk and explore. I hope we didn't have all our melt off. I am sure that would have a negative impact on our returns and season. But, I am not a Wildlife Biologist... I do think if you are fishing "pools" at this point in the game you are correct.
Stay Positive,
><> glen
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