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· Smells like low tide.
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Yo Skinny! I just checked the reg updates and the Wynoochee, the Satsop, the Chehalis, and the Upper Quinault all got extended until April 15th. The 'Nooch looks like it is falling into fishable range again at 2000cfs or less.
The last time I fished the 'Nooch, three rude dudes crowded right in on top of me in a tight cluster not even ten feet away, and I had to cast over all three of their lines. Finally got fed up with that and moved, only to have a jetsled coming downstream rip a big S-turn right thru the hole in front of me, then hang a u-turn, come back up in front of me and back-troll a plug right thru where I was fishing. He did this backtroll stunt several times. Just before it happened, I had felt a bite, but this rude noisy action put an end to it. It took all my self-control to not reach down and pick up a large rock and bean the moron on his pointy little head. The only thing that saved him was a witness a couple hundred feet upstream. I second the advice to go higher up the river to evade this kind of action. I was upstream from the launch that is a mile or so above White Bridge.
:reallymad - Jimbo
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