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I happen to have the opportunity a few weeks back to fish with some gear guys. It was a learning situation:

I felt like a trader to some degree but on the other side I felt completely comfortable fishing side by side with gear guys. They were really neat individuals and seemed to take great care of the wild fish they caught. No pictures were taken and they quickly released them unharmed. They did in fact keep all hatchery fish that were caught and quickly marked their catch cards without exceeding their limits.

I have to admit that I watched and learned what they were doing and thus the result were some techniques I could incorporate into my fly fishing. These techniques have resulted in 3 steelhead since...I have to give thanks to these guys for this.

We did have a converstaion at one point and they questioned why I would use a fly rod and why I was so against baitcasting when the numbers are so much higher. This was an opportunity to portray how, why, and for what reasons I preferred fly fishing. It was a great conversation but I doubt they will convert.

My point: to some it is all about numbers and and the excitement of catching every time you go out. To others its the excitement of simply being outdoors with the possibility of maybe hooking into a steelhead?? In my mind it comes down to the subject we face in every decision we make....personal prefference based on emotional feelings and thoughts???? I dont like the idea that the numbers caught are as high as they are but its legal and thus I dont feel its wrong??? However I do prefer to fly fish for them myself and at this point in my life I dont feel I will ever pick up a baitcasting rod to fish for these beasts. But this is my personal preferrence and outlook on the subject ;-)

~Patrick ><>
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