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Those of you in the tube order, PLEASE READ!!!

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I put this on the flytying area. But I need the exposure, so put it here too.

I won't name first names. But I have TWO people who I'm assuming I have off my list that aren't adding up. Have their payment and real name/mailing addresses but no idea who they are on the board. I'm making sure I don't double send. So putting down the last name and city they're from. If you know who it is, or it's you, PLEASE message me with your board name (and give me your first name too to verify). Thanks.

Fransen of Olympia


Skaar of Kirkland.

I have everyone elses packed up and ready to go out tomorrow. But want to make sure these two are accounted for as well.
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Are those going out FedEx Jerry?:clown:
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