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Three lucky anglers

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Saw this on another board but thought it was worth posting here since some members fish the area where this happened.

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Wow, lucky indeed!
Yeah, thankfully everyone survived. Not sure how anyone could protect themselves from a sudden rogue wave as these guys experienced!

Oh, and thank God for our USCG!!
Not to get all judgy, but....

A. They weren't wearing pfds. The captain had to run back in the cabin to get them after the accident. I'm surprised that they even had an inflatable that nobody was wearing.

B. This reads like an adventure story, with no mention of lessons learned.

It's easy to forget that we don't wear life jackets because we can't swim. Wear them instead to help keep your head up while you get your breathing under control when you first go in, and to keep you above the water after your arms and legs stop working in the cold water - which happens well before hypothermia does you in.
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Odd how it's always a "rogue" wave. Not that it was a big surf day and they got a bit too far inside. Nope, rogue wave...

Glad they all made it. Tough way to learn.
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