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I've got two reels and two bags that I am looking to sell. All prices are shipped in the CONUS.

First is a Tibor Backcountry reel with bonefish engraving. Good used condition with some minor foot wear and a couple nicks in the finish. Comes with backing, case, box, and instructions. Looking for $280.

Second is a Ross Canyon BG-6 that is used and has some knicks and a fair amount of rash. Works fine and is reversible retrieve. Comes with pouch. Looking for $160.

Third is a Patagonia Stormfront hip pack. This is the older version. Good used condition with some scuffs still holds air well. Looking for $110.

Finally a Simms Dry Creek sling (last years model) that is new. Received an Orvis sling for Christmas and don't really need two. New condition. I didn't include photos as its new, but can send some if desired. Looking for $150.

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