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Timing the 'Pen

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A buddy and I are heading to the OP this weekend. It looks like we should get three days without rain before we arrive on Friday. Is it too early to expect the larger natives out there? Also, are most people swinging big stuff (intruders, leaches, etc) or more traditional things? I'm prepared to fish both but was interested on which type most people prefer or find more useful. That said, I firmly believe that the best fly is the one you fish with confidence. Just looking for pointers. It looks like there is decent access to the river we're fishing, any general pointers would be nice but aren't necessary. I am looking post a report, (without the name of the river) when we get back.

Thanks for any input!

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You will be hitting it on the drop, which is good. Swing big stuff, 5" leeches and intruders and maybe go a bit smaller on the sol duc. You could try some traditional stuff, ........ but I would stick to the big nasties. There have been big natives in the rivers since January. 20+ lbers are around, this rain last week should bring a few more into the systems. Good luck.

Hitting the coastal rivers in prime shape is far more difficult than choosing a good fly pattern. Steelhead will hit anything. Use what you like, but something in size 4 and larger is probably in order. A few days without rain, dropping rivers - hope they haven't dropped too much by the time you arrive - and steelhead are in the systems. Good luck!

goood luck finding a spot
Dumb question from a newby, if you don't mind. There are a lot of acronyms for rivers on this site (like OP above). Is there any where on this site that tells new guys like me what rivers those acronyms refer to? Thanks
there's only really OP...which is the Olympic Peninsula region of WA, not a river. Other little acronyms like "S" rivers are often referred to Skagit and Sauk.
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