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Had a good time out getting skunked today. Some friends of my brothers invited us to go fishing with them on the Nisqually this morning. We took a boat upriver from the River Bend campground and spent the day on a sandbar- them tossing corkies & yarn or shrimp, me drifting flies.

One guy caught a chum hen when we first got there, I think he unintentionally flossed it, judging by how it was hooked. The rest of us struck out.

I did see a couple of fish move through during the day, but for being on the water from sunrise until around 2:30 pm, there was surprisingly little in the way of fish hitting the hooks.

I used an intermediate sink line for the first half of the day and a floating line for the second half. I used a variety of flies, both weighted and unweighted over the course of the day. Most of the time I was just doing a standard wet fly drift.

Water visibility wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, about a foot or so, I'd say. We got rained on in the morning, then a few sprinkles throughout the day. Having a campfire burning on the sandbar was a pretty nice luxury there.

Good times, but no fish for me.

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