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TRADE: My NRS Y Thigh Bar for your NRS U Shaped Thigh Bar

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I have my cataraft rigged with a U bar up front and Y bar in the back. The Y bar makes it easier to get in and out of the boat for convenience, but I seek the young daughter containment of the full U bar at both locations. My fishing buddies will have to deal with stepping over the U bar sides. (Just the lean bars and their hardware, not the crossbars or seats as may be pictured in these images from NRSweb)

What I've got:

What I'm hoping you've got:

Sorry, but I'm not interested in the NRS frame thigh bar that only attaches on one side. Small children are equally curious on the left side of the boat as the right and vice versa.

What won't work for my boat:

Mine would come with the lopros (top and bottom) and hardware for immediate installtion. I'd like yours to be the same. Face to face ideal so that shipping is not a factor.

Thank you.
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Hey there Ed,
Short of creating a chastity belt out of the tubular aluminum framing, what about making or creating a safety tether/seatbelt of some form or another? I dunno, maybe one with the qwiklok buckles, that would be adjustable for different size kids, but easy enough to use on an in/out basis? Or a detachable floating seat, where it would separate (from the craft), if your cataraft went upsidedown? Oughta be some kind of way to do that. right? Because if we have the technology to stuff an airbag into the center of a steering wheel, then there should be some kind of techno-crap to keep your kids safe while enjoying a day out on the river. (Short of hiring a nanny, who would sit with the little ones and wave from the beach, as you go drifting by.) Hahaha! ( I made a funny)
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