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Her Ladyship and I drove over to Forks for the Memorial Day weekend to try to link up with Triple X, all the way from Mainz, Germany. We met briefly between rainy spells (hey, they DO call it a RAIN forest, after all!!), and he was able to get out for some fishing. I wasn't able to see the fish, but he called to tell me he did bring one to net! Obviously, he forgot his "skunk" suit, but mine fits perfectly... It rained from the time we left Leavenworth on Friday morning, until we cleared Snoqualmie Pass this afternoon! The rivers are all running high and a little discolored. The best of the lot was the Sol Duc, with the Hoh a strong second. People were fishing, but not dong any good.

We stopped at the Hungry Bear outside Forks this morning for breakfast; nothing fancy, but I learned you really need to be hungry to go there. Worth the stop if you're starving.

So, Triple X goes back to Germany having landed a West End cutt, and a steelie; I get back to Lederhosen land with an empty gas tank. C'est la Vie!!!! Hopefully he'll send a picture for us. He'd have a ball at next year's Hoh Down, so I hope he can make the trip.
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