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Macrame yarn - tripping back to the 70's, although I can't see Al Troth in a lime green leisure suit (with white belt & shoes). Didn't have to strip down a hanging terrarium for the yarn, but only had yellow, hence the hopper; if it had been orange, this would have been a MacSalmon. Original had spun/clipped head but bulletheads are easier and I'm lazy; tie as you see fit.

hook - Dai Riki 280 #6
thread - UTC 140 tan
body- macrame yarn yellow
underwing - landscape fabric
wing - deer hair yellow
legs - rubber medium cornsnake
indicator - 2mm foam
head - elk

melt the end of a piece of macrame yarn

poke the hook eye into the bottom of the yarn and push 'till it comes out the front

slide the yarn to the back while you build the head; start thread

clean, stack a substantial clump of elk; measure for length (shank)

trim the butts, a couple soft loops and then pull firmly, letting the hair spin around the shank

trim butts

slide yarn against hair butts, brush on a little Super Glue and wrap down

trim underwing (hook gap wide) to shape and tie in

clean, stack, measure a clump of hair for wing; trim butts and tie in

push the head hair back over the fly; cinch it all down with a few firm wraps

Add legs, foam indicator (missed that pic somehow), whip, SHHAN; trim out the bottom

Thanks Al

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