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Turns out I'm better at trout fishing than relationship counseling, who knew... Here are some pics from the Y this weekend. We decided to avoid the campgrounds and just load our gear in the boat instead. It worked out pretty well.

Lots of these guys on the rocks...

Chubby chernobyls, yellow sallies, and big mayflies got it done on the surface. The nymph game was effective as well. We got a few on streamers also. Westslopes are so awesome. They eat streamers well and are just gorgeous...

This fish was a beast. Fat and greedy. I was a ways downriver from my buddy and still heard this thing annihilate his green drake. Then I left that net laying on the bank right behind him... Fortunately we did the same float the next day and it was still there, phew...

Killer weekend all said and done. It fished awesome and the weather was great. The traffic on the pass was terrible though. It was bad going over and even worse coming back. On Sunday we took the boat out at Green Bridge at 5pm and I didn't get back to Seattle until 10:30. Wtf....

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You weren't chewing on your rod in the last photo, were you? :eek::D
For what it's worth, that was the first time I did a rod balanced hero shot... but after that surface smash I couldn't help myself haha. Nice report, TO. Even if the fish weren't biting at least the brews were cold and sun was shining. Oh, and don't forget, there aren't any generators when you camp on the side of the river!
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